30 Surprising Facts About Snapchat You Might Not Know

Another shining star of social media, Snapchat, has become a favorite application among today’s young generation. It is becoming increasingly effective and its huge fan base is mostly exploited by the youth. But do you know that there are some surprising facts about this popular application that you will be surprised to know? Come, let us tell you some interesting facts about Snapchat, which you might not know.

1. How did Snapchat start?

Snapchat was started by some Stanford University students, Avon Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Frank Wragg. They launched Snapchat in 2011, which was later inspired by Avon Spiegel’s idea of eliminating camera glitches and allowing users to send photos securely.

2. Incredible fast-growing user statistics

Snapchat was launched in 2011 and has been rapidly growing user figures. Currently, it has around 5 billion users.

3. Snapchat Viral Icon

Snapchat’s viral icon, which was designed by Baldwin Chevin, became so popular that it became a viral face.

4. World’s youngest billionaire

Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel was 22 years old when he started working for Snapchat.

5. ‘Discover’ feature

Snapchat’s ‘Discover’ feature, which allows users to browse videos and images, is very popular.

6. History of Snapchat’s name

Snapchat’s first name was “Pickback”, but it was later changed to Snapchat.

7. Snapchat’s first story

The first Snapchat story was created by Evan Spiegel for his home, simply depicting an ordinary day in life.

8. A little snow head and filter

The founders of Snapchat thought from day one that they would add a filter to their application, which would convert users.

9. First invention of filter

Snapchat’s first filter was “GeoFilter”, added in 2012.

10. Snapchat Security

Snapchat is very strict about the privacy and security of its users. It has an accepted privacy policy and deletes all chats automatically after a period of time.

11. Explore Feature

Another important feature of Snapchat is ‘Explore’, which gives users the possibility to search for events around the world.

12. New and unique technology

Another interesting fact about Snapchat is that it includes a tool called “Snap Specs,” which allows users to record videos on Snapchat Stories.

13. The advent of unboxing videos

Snapchat allows its users to create unboxing videos about their favorite things, giving them a chance to test out different products.

14. Number of Snapchatters

Approximately 2.5 billion snaps are sent on Snapchat every day.

15. Snapchat Heritage

In 2013, a time-limited message option was added as part of Snapchat’s legacy.

16. Awesome new features

Snapchat introduces new and interesting features every year, such as direct messages, stories, lenses, etc.

17. Snapchat and Geography

Snapchat’s ‘Snap Maps’ feature allows users to connect with their friends and get information about their location.

18. Snapchat gold

#SnapchatGold was trending on Twitter in 2013, praising Snapchat’s customization features.

19. Demographic divide

Snapchat targets mostly youth, and has a user engagement of 71%.

20. Using Snapchat

Snapchat users spend an average of more than 30 minutes on it every day.

21. World’s youngest CEO

Snapchat founder Avon Spiegel was named in 2015 and was 25 years old at the time.

22. The secret of Snapchat’s popularity

One secret to Snapchat’s popularity is its archived messaging system, in which messages are automatically deleted.

23. Snapchat and commercial use

Snapchat can also be used for business purposes, and many companies have made it a part of their marketing strategy.

24. Avoidance of misuse

Snapchat has included many security and privacy features to protect its users from misuse of social media.

25. Idea sharing

Another popular feature of Snapchat is “Snapstories”, which allows users to share the story of their day.

26. Special features for children

Snapchat has added several security and privacy features for its younger users, including the ability to verify users’ age.

27. Snapchat and Video Gaming

Snapchat has recently entered the gaming sector and launched “Snap Games”, which includes several popular video games.

28. Snapchat and News

Snapchat recently launched news services on its platform, featuring a number of major organizations.

29. Snapchat and Social Justice

Snapchat recently launched a new social justice feature, giving users a chance to join ongoing conversations in society.

30. Commercial Use of Snapchat

Snapchat has launched several collateral advertising and promotional programs to enhance its brand establishment.

Snapchat is a social media platform that has changed modern social media practices. With this, it allows users to send messages, create videos, and use filters, and other creative tools. Its advantage allows users to share a message quickly and thoroughly, which helps them stay connected with their friends and family.

These interesting facts about Snapchat will help you discover something new and interesting about this application. It is a social media platform that has not only attracted the young generation but has also provided them with a unique and cool way to share messages and photos. Along with this, it is also an important medium for brands and businesses, which can be used in marketing and promotional programs.

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