New Satellite messaging feature of Google, Now chatting happens without the Internet

In the world of messaging or rather online chatting, WhatsApp is the most effective app. However, due to the lack of internet, chatting through WhatsApp cannot be done. Many times you are present in an area where there is no network or WiFi, during that time WhatsApp is also not useful. In such a situation, there is a lot of trouble, but now Google is introducing a new satellite messaging feature for the messaging app. Let us know how the new feature works.

what is satellite messaging?

In this feature, the user’s Google messaging feature will be directly linked to the satellite connectivity. This means there will be no need for a mobile tower. The user will be able to message directly by opening the Google Satellite messaging tool. In this, your phone will be connected directly to the satellite. In this, two-way messaging can be done. If we believe last week’s report, Google is going to launch a new beta version of the messaging app with the integration of Artificial Intelligence i.e. AI chatbot Gemini.

WhatsApp will face direct competition

WhatsApp is expected to get a major boost with the entry of the Google Satellite Messaging feature. Also, Google’s new messaging feature will be much better than the iPhone’s emergency messaging feature, because it will have the facility to respond to important messages along with emergency service. In this, users will be able to find any contact present in their contact list.

It is not yet known whether this feature will be made available to users before the Android 15 rollout or not. The Android OS comes with an “Auto-connected to satellite” notification as well as a satellite icon in the status bar. Google is working toward improving its messaging service. The messaging app is improving its image-sharing interface.

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