Notepad will get a spellcheck feature in Windows 11, users will avoid typing wrongly

What is the news?

Tech giant Microsoft is adding a spellcheck feature to the Notepad app on Windows 11 to improve the experience of its users.

The company is currently working on this feature and it is currently available for some tester users of Windows 11.

Later this year, the company can roll out this new feature of Notepad for all its Windows 11 users.


How does Notepad’s spellcheck feature work?

The spellcheck feature found in Windows 11’s Notepad works similarly to the spellcheck feature found in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Edge browsers. This feature automatically highlights misspelled words in red.

Users can correct their mistakes by right-clicking to see spelling suggestions. Microsoft has also added autocorrect to Notepad, which corrects mistakes while typing.

The Spellcheck feature will support many languages

According to the report, the spellcheck feature in Notepad will support multiple languages and users can also add some of their own words to the app’s dictionary.

This feature is enabled by default for some file formats but is turned off by default for log files and other file formats related to coding.

Microsoft has also recently added dark mode, tabs, Copilot AI integration, and a virtual fidget spinner to Notepad.

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