Google’s gift: Convert your favorite website into an app and avoid the hassle of browser

Now you can turn any website you visit daily into a dedicated app on your desktop. There is no need to look for it in your browser tabs anymore. Read in details

Now you can turn your favorite website into an app in one click. You must remember Chrome apps, which used to allow you to create easy shortcuts like apps of your favorite websites, but are now a thing of the past. Google has come up with its replacement, which is called Progressive Web Apps (PWA). PWAs are web apps that blur the line between websites and native apps and provide an app-like experience without downloading anything from the App Store. Now, Chrome Canary takes PWAs a step further by letting you install any website as a desktop app!

Now a single click on the app icon can launch the website in its window

This means you can now turn any website you visit daily into a dedicated app on your desktop. There’s no need to look for it in your browser tabs anymore – just make click on the app icon, and the website will open in its window for you to use.

Previously, enabling PWA functionality required fiddling with flags. But with the latest Canary update, a new “Install page as app…” option appears in the “Save & Share” menu. Clicking it creates a dedicated app window for the website. Existing PWAs like YouTube will also show their name (“Install YouTube“) in the menu.

To try it, install Chrome Canary and enable these flags:



This feature is currently in Chrome Canary (an early version of Chrome 124). The stable Chrome version (122) focuses on AI writing and read-aloud tools for Android. The upcoming stable release (Chrome 123) brings an inbuilt PDF reader for Android, an Android-style media player for desktop, and enhanced tab group sharing.

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